TitreCompositeur, arrangeurEtat
Awesome GodRich Mullins
Down by the river sideYves Puech
Down to the river to prayTraditionnel, Noia
Every time I feel the SpiritGarcia-Rincon de CastroArchivé
Freedom is coming
Give thanks to the LordJohn K. Green
Glory GloryAmerican spiritual
Go, tell it on the mountainLapassion
Hallelujah salvation and gloryStephen HurdArchivé
Holy, holy, holyGary Oliver, Durand
I couldn’t hear nobody prayNegro spiritualArchivé
I’m gonna singTraditionnel
I want to be readyTraditionnelArchivé
I will follow himPourcel, Mauriat, DurandArchivé
JerichoNegro spiritual
Joy comes in the morning
Kumbaya my LordTraditionnelArchivé
Lamb of GodSummer, Omartian, WilliamsonArchivé
Lift up your handsWilkins, Henderson
Michael row the boat ashoreTraditionnel
Open the eyes of my heartPaul Baloche
Pick a bale of cottonMauro Zuccante
Ride the chariotTraditionnel
Sing alleluia clap your handsSally, Albrecht
Sing, sing, singPrima, Kern
Stand by meHuff, Durand
Swing low, sweet chariotTraditionnelArchivé
This little light of mineHarry Dixon Loes
We shall overcomeCharles Albert TindleyArchivé
Who knows but you LordMaria Nordenbak